Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fitness Challenge Group

5 months ago I was a stay at home mom who
needed help staying OUT of the PANTRY or Fridge. When I am overwhelmed,
bored, or have a kid crying I would find myself in the PANTRY eating
Chocolate chips or a cookie. I wasn’t hungry just hiding
from what should be done. 5 months ago I did my first challenge group.
I didn’t post in it because I didn’t want to document what a big
failure I was. These groups are secret and only those in it can see
your post but I was still embarrassed. Plus, I didn’t want anyone to
see me doing something I had made fun of. Now I love challenge groups!
It keeps me out of the pantry and motivates me to eat better. I still
have yet to do a challenge group perfect but I’m better at staying out
of the pantry. I don’t deprive myself I just don’t eat junk everyday
Feb. 3rd.I will be starting a 21 day challenge group. We
will be doing your choice of exercise 5 days a week, eating better then
we already do, and motivating each other. The cost varies depending on
what works for you. I am continually learning new things in these
challenge groups and I can’t wait to share. I still am not where I want
to be but I am enjoying the journey to fitness now. Some of the
Tips/Ideas we share are, meal plans, ways to avoid temptations,
emotional eating, how to handle traveling, ideas for picky eaters, etc.
I want you to succeed at your New Year’s goals. As your coach I will
be there for you 24/7.


 Shakeology is a part of the group. This is
not a weight loss shake or a protein shake. It’s a TOTAL meal
replacement. It’s the same as eating 6 salads. It’s one of the main
things that will make a big difference in your overall health. If you
have digestion problems I highly recommend drinking it just for that.
It’s made the biggest difference for mine. It’s worth every penny. The
2nd things is it helps reduce cravings. I didn’t say it magically
makes them go away it REDUCES them.

I am Embarrassed to admit this
but some of you probably will relate. Last year I wanted to try
Shakeology but HATED the cost. I decided to drink Slim Fast instead. I
was drinking them and then eating a full meal a few hours later. They
just made my blood sugar levels swing and I was actually eating more.
They weren’t doing me any good at all. Shakeology keeps me full and I
have never felt like I did drinking Slim Fast - shaky, starving, etc.
When I am in a hurry instead of running through the drive-through I can
just quickly mix up one in my car. It’s helped me stay healthier when
in a pinch for time. It’s the one meal each day I never have to think
If you are ready to make 2014 the Year you reach your
fitness goals then message me or send me and email at:   kimberlywynn at hotmail dot com

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