Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Change your DIET to EDIT


This subject is such a personal matter. Many people follow fads, quick fixes. The process of eating and living a healthy life is not a gimmick or a quick fix. You don't have to try and reinvent yourself overnight. Do not panic!!!! This is what we do challenges for. To help you sort through your habits and create a lifestyle that helps with your daily choices.
EDIT -----means deciding what you will eat, what you'll eat less of and what you will cut out altogether {for me it's easy to give up soda but chocolate is whole different story}
1- Embrace a healthy frame of mind. Do not guilt yourself if your day didn't go great. Leave the past in the past. Mistakes happen----- expect them. Focus all your energy on your new day and you choices in front of you.
2-Lifestyle plans work WAY better.  We all know we've got to put a plan in place to go where we want to go.
3-Accept that reaching goals takes time. Weight loss takes time, trying out new recipes that are healthy and that you and/or your family like TAKES TIME.
4-Watch your portion sizes {See picture below}
5- Make exercise a priority. We all have the same 24 hours so what we do with it makes a big difference. No excuses!! The only way to gain muscle is to work it. Look for ways to MOVE MORE during the day.
6- Sleep--Getting enough keeps your appetite down and your body working at it's best.

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