Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Peeps Cake

Easter is coming so we had to take advantage of the peeps and make a flower cake.  I used 2 round cake pans to make the cake. In between the 2 cakes we put the yummiest frosting recipe ever found here.  It's frosted it with ganache but you can just use regular frosting.   We also put mini chocolate chips around the base and on the top of the cake in the center.  Then we switched to larger chocolate chips as we worked our way towards the peeps.

by: Home Run Recipes
1 chocolate cake mix
water, oil, and eggs
1 large box chocolate instant pudding   
15-19 peeps
chocolate chips, mini and reg. size 
Butter, milk and choc. chips for ganache

Mix pudding with dry cake mix.  Then make cake according to package directions.  Pour into 2 round cake pans.  Cook according to box.  Let them cool.  Put one on a plate.  Spread top with frosting.  Put the other round on top.  Then spread with ganache or frosting.  Then place the peeps on the edge of the cake so they don't fall off.  Then start in the center placing mini-chocolate chips then switch to large ones.  Place mini choc. chips along the bottom edge of cake.

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